Ruth & Vida’s exciting ride!

 House member, Ruth Hayes with Barunga Homes House Leader, Darren Robinson.


Life at Barunga Homes was made extra special this  month for 2 of our house members, 89 year old Ruth Hayes and 96 year old Vida Lodge. The women recently had the thrilling experience of being taken for a ride on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle by Barunga Homes House Leader, Darren Robinson. The two ladies had an incredible experience, and Darren says “you couldn’t get the smiles off their faces, they had such a wonderful time.”

The idea of the ride came about when Ruth was sharing stories with Darren of when she was younger and she would go for rides on the back of her friend’s beach racer when they went to Sellicks Beach in Adelaide.  In those days they used to race along the beach at great speed, in fact Ruth says she can’t believe they used to do it but they did many times!

When asked if she was interested in going for a ride around town on the back of a Harley, Ruth responded with a resounding “yes!”  Her next door neighbour, Vida Lodge didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity either so on Wednesday the 7th of March, with the ladies in full motorcycle attire, Darren took the ladies out on the Harley Davidson for an enjoyable afternoon.

Darren’s experience as being the diversional therapist at the homes, means that he and the other staff are well aware of how important it is to provide the house members with the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, “sometimes it can be only the smallest of things or the unexpected surprise for the residents that make all the difference.”

A huge thank you to Darren and other staff for going above and beyond to make our house members day just that extra special!


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